November 15, 2010

'Nutcracker' dreams, a cute outfit, and Oh! THOSE SHOES!

I love the Nutcracker ballet. I have been to see it many times in many places. It has now been about 10 years however, and I miss it so much. This year, my sweet Adam told me he really hoped to get us tickets for a December performance in Portland Maine. While the tickets are not terrifically pricey, with the job loss 2 years ago and possible career change, Adam's assistant teacher pay (special needs children to boot.), of a shocking and insulting approximately $250. a week---(do not even get me started on THAT rant, and the messed up priorities in this country), the Nutcracker MAY remain only a dream for us again this year.

I have a darling outfit that I got out to look over, hoping for a little miracle. I have a lovely grey cashmere 'babydoll' sweater with silver lace trim. I have had it for years. I have a pair of skinny, black velveteen slacks that look wonderful with it. Truthfully, here in the country most of my 'fancy' clothes do not get worn. I have not shopped in a mall in many years. I came to New Hampshire with some "Chicago clothes" years ago, and while some are now dated, many are timeless 'classics'.
Once, when I first moved here I found a long (floor length) black velvet, off-the-shoulder gown with long narrow straight sleeves. It's only adornment was the soft, silky dark brown fur trim all along the off-shoulder neckline. It came with a matching fur muff. In a rare flight of fancy and utter illogicality, I bought it! I tucked it away in my closet with the promise to myself that if I got a date here sometime who would take me to see the Nutcracker, I would wear it.  I had many dates over the years, but none that produced the opportunity to wear the "Boston Nutcracker Gown" as it came to be known.
I still have it. I tried it on for Adam and he almost fell over. That was a good sign.

Now, the Merrill Auditorium in Portland Maine has a lovely performance of the ballet. It is not so costly as Boston standards, and the attire may be a bit less formal.  I am still holding out hope for a good sale from our website,  or another lecture, in hopes that THIS may be the year for a romantic evening at the 'Nutcracker' with the love of my life. Although  the "Boston Nutcracker Gown" will remain in it's bag for now, I have a feeling someday I will be able to pull out this most classy, elegant dream dress and say "Ah, I have the perfect thing for ____________!"

In the meantime, if we should be so fortunate as to be at Merrill Auditorium in Portland some evening next month, I plan to wear the adorable sweater and black velveteen slacks pictured here. For the absolute over the top WOW factor, I have my 40's style, ballet-pink sateen, platform, big-bowed high heels---(I even have a lovely little headband with a pale grey satin ribbon decorated with big faux-rhinestones on one side, that I would wear instead of any jewelry.)

I guess what I am saying is that there are many dreams in life---some big, some small. I have realized some against all odds, and that I never thought possible.
Some dreams just have to wait in the closet with the 'dream dress' for just the right time. Some, like an unexpected letter from a friend in your mailbox, or the flower that your husband picks and leaves on the counter for you to find after he leaves for work, come to you out of the blue and bring a tear of joy to your eyes.
I am still dreaming of seeing the Nutcracker THIS year, and of wearing THOSE SHOES!