May 24, 2011

A letter from Amy Tudor, and memories of Tasha...

Many months ago I posted a story about my serendipitous and unexpected meeting with Tasha Tudor years ago, and what she said to me. (  Recently, several readers read it, and commented to me, so I put a link to the post in the sidebar of this blog.

This story is dear to my heart, and is a memory I will always treasure. Miss Tudor has touched the lives of countless people, bringing joy and whimsy to everyone.  She was an inspiration all of her life. Many years after our chance meeting, I was widowed, and came alone from the midwest to New England, and thus began my story---"the big adventure of my life". I have talked about my experiences in past posts as well. I like to think that if Miss Tudor had ever come here for tea, she would have loved my tiny, ancient cape, my inexperienced and fledgling efforts at a true New England garden, and my story as well...

Today, I received this  incredible letter from Amy Tudor, who had just found my blog, and my post about meeting Tasha. Adam and I intend to go to Vermont this summer to meet Amy and the Tudor family, and see the Tasha Tudor museum. Amy's letter is so unexpected and appreciated, and brings my own 'Tasha story' full circle. 

Here is Amy Tudor's letter to me~

May 24, 2011

Dear Mary,
Having just read your blog post about Tasha Tudor (google kindly alerts us to all mention of Tasha Tudor online!)  I feel I simply must make your acquaintance!  I very much enjoyed your writing and photographs on your site and find it very obvious that you are very knowledgeable about the authenticity of Tasha’s beloved antiques, history, etc!  Most importantly, I’d like to make sure that you are aware of our new Tasha Tudor Museum which is still very young and growing a greater clip than we can keep up with!  I think that you now live in Maine ?  I’m grew up and Maine and still have family, now in the Portland area. 
I would love to meet you and show you our starter site if you are ever in the Southern Vermont region!
I remain eager to make your acquaintance.
Amy Tudor
General Manager
Tasha Tudor and Family Inc.

Tasha Tudor Museum
PO Box 2546
974 Western Ave
Brattleboro VT 05303

I encourage everyone to visit the above websites for which I have provided links, and to visit the museum when it is open.
Through her books and her lifestyle, Miss Tudor has left a legacy that will continue to delight all ages for many, many years.
I am pleased that I also have a precious memory of kind words from a grand lady~

UPDATE~2012~ We were hired by the Tudor family to present our 'DRESSING A COLONIAL LADY' program for the museum in Vermont. On a lovely evening in July 2012 we presented our very popular program at a large church hall that had been reserved for the occasion.
*(The newspaper is incorrect---I am not employed by the Tudor museum.)

The event was open to all by reservation, and we had a most wonderful time presenting 'DRESSING A COLONIAL LADY' and meeting everyone. You can read about our program that evening HERE.

You can find out more about our costumed historical programs and house tour teas on our website HOME page, as well as on this blog.)


The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Hi Mary,
Very neeeeet and sweet :-D
I still think about that story, what a great memory for you!
Blessings Linnie

An Historical Lady said...

This nice comment was emailed to me today~

"dear mary

i am a great fan of y our blog and website i read the story about tasha tudor i had the chance to meet her when i went to buy plants
at blue meadow farm in montague ma where i live it was a chance meeting as she was there also buying plants for her garden
i did not realize there was a museum for her. i live only 45 minutes from brattleboro vt
when is your book coming out

thankyou for a great blog and website diane "

An Historical Lady said...

Another nice comment mailed to me~

"Mary, I enjoyed your latest post on Tasha, I too have her books and loved her life style. Always wanted to live in her house and I loved her Corgies Catherine."

An Historical Lady said...

Received this lovely comment today, June 1, 2011~

"Natalie has left a new comment on your post "Distilling summer roses, a Tasha Tudor memory, and...":

Hi Mary!

Amy forwarded your blog to me, as I run our Tasha Tudor and Family blog, Rookery Ramblings. I have so enjoyed looking around your blog and getting to know you a bit through your posts! The photos are beautiful. I am adding you to our linked blogs, and hope you will find that acceptable.

Very best,
Natalie from Tasha Tudor and Family, Inc. and Rookery Ramblings"

Heather said...

How amazing! I have loved Tasha for years, and she has really helped shape me as an artist and a person, the ultimate ideal in 'follow your heart and create your own life.' How special to be invited to the museum by her family!~