June 5, 2011

Adam and Mary on the coast of Maine~Our wedding anniversary '18thc. tea picnic'~


June 4, 2011~ It was the most perfect weather, so we chose this day for our annual wedding anniversary picnic in 18thc  clothing. After posing for a few pictures in our yard before leaving, we spent the afternoon in historic York Maine. I made all the yummy and authentic food for our romantic picnic.

Mushroom roll-ups
Curried chicken salad tea sandwiches
Spinich squares
Cherry tassies
Fresh strawberries with Strawberry-Chardonay Cheddar cheese (mmmm!)
Iced tea with mint and lemon verbena from our own yard

I am including several photos here, but to visit our website and see the entire gallery of pictures of our day, set to period musick, please click on the poster above, or this first photo below~

"There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as Afternoon Tea."
Henry James/ 'Portrait of a Lady', 1881

Posing in our own yard before leaving... 

(Many months ago Susan Jarrett of Maggie May Historical Clothing made me a regency shift with cap sleeves and a very low scooped neck. My 18thc. shifts were showing over the neckline of this gown.  I wore this one for the first time, under my exquisite sacque-back, and it's perfect.  It is also so nice to have a shift that is relatively sleeveless for summer reenacting.  She makes lovely historic clothing of many eras.)

Handsome Adam~The food was scrumptious if I do say so myself, and the day could not have been more beautiful~

Adam was amazed at this old gravestone, which was almost as tall as I am.

We two posing out in front of the Old Gaol in York, Maine~

Strolling through the ancient graveyard in York. This tree had the most incredible tiny fuschia flowers all over it. Everything was green and in bloom. It was perfection~

The sun was so bright, that our camera could not capture all colors exactly. My gorgeous gown a la francais looks almost silvery or grey in some pictures, but it is actually a beautiful seafoam bluegreen color with gold.

...Visit our website to see our '18thc. Tea Picnic' photo gallery~
 Please note that we change our galleries often to reflect our '18thc. adventures' and life. We hope you will enjoy our website and all our galleries~


An Historical Lady said...

I received kind and most appreciated good wishes from a 'kindred spirit' reader...

Jeri has left a new comment on your post "Adam and Mary on the coast of Maine~Our wedding an...:

"Mary, It looks as though you had a perfect day and a lovely celebration of that most beautiful 18th century wedding. Much happiness to you both with many more anniversaries yet to be..."

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Hi Mary,
I am visiting from my Daughtie's computer, (and I have to compete with the Grandies.. hee) I miss visiting with ya too ;-)
What a GREAT DAY you two had!
Main is one of Hubby and my all time favorite places to go to.

I sent you a lettr, talk to you soon Hugs Linnie

lady Estelle said...

Oh my, how charming. You both look so peaceful and happy. Congratulation. My God be with you always.
lady Estelle

An Historical Lady said...

Dear Lady Estelle,
Thank you so much for the kind words and good wishes~
Needless to say, I love tea parties as much as you do!
I love 'visiting' you, and can't wait for our next 18thc. outdoor 'tea' in a couple weeks at the season opening at an historic house...