August 28, 2011

Our daytrip to Vermont, and the Tasha Tudor Museum~

Adam and I pose with Amy Tudor at the new Tasha Tudor Museum~
 (***UPDATE, 2012~
While at the museum, we were hired to come and present our program 'DRESSING A COLONIAL LADY' later in the year. We did! Our presentation was open to the public by reservation, and everyone enjoyed it and made us feel wonderful!
The local newspaper was there as well and this appeared in the paper later~)

We are today in the midst of a scary hurricane in New England. Here in our corner of eastern New Hampshire, we at this moment are having torrential rain, high winds, and power outages. We have already lost our power for awhile, and it may yet go again. I am taking a few minutes while it came back on, to post here. It is very warm outside.
Connecticut and Massachusetts have already been hit by this storm worse than we have in our area, and we pray everyone is safe.
We have lost our wisteria arbor in the front yard, which collapsed, but the wisteria is fine. School is canceled for tomorrow, and since Adam will be home, he has just found this photo online of a tree arbor that he has promised to build for me tomorrow.
We have buckets of fresh water in the taproom for drinking, etc., if the power goes again. We're eating canned tuna, and hoping to cook something for dinner later, if the brunt of the storm has gone through by then, and we have power.

Our project for tomorrow...
Other than a new pond in our yard, and the loss of the arbor we built several years ago, everything is fine. Our brook is now a waterfall, and is pretty---It sounds as if we live by the ocean. The flooded yard will be gone by late tomorrow, I think. The winds are the scariest thing...We should be through the worst of this here by about 4 or 5 today.

Yesterday, we had a beautiful calm day, and did indeed go to the Tasha Tudor Museum for the day. We had a wonderful time, and Amy Tudor welcomed us with much excitement and enthusiasm, as soon as we walked in the door! I was climbing the stairs to the second floor museum, when she ran to the top of the stairs to take our picture with her camera as we were walking up the steps! She was so warmly welcoming, gracious and kind. She picked our brains, asking for information on a couple period dresses in the museum, that had belonged to Tasha. She expressed an interest in possibly having us do a program at the museum also, in the future. We took the following photos at the museum~

Getting ready to go...I did a very period hair style, with my own hair, and it turned out so well! It was high and smooth in the front,  and had lots of sausage ringlets in the back, with a few over the shoulder.

This sweet gazebo is on the lawn of the Jeremiah Beal House, where the museum is located
This is Tasha Tudor's old English barn loon. The delightful Patty demonstrated the weaving of dishtowels, and we made a new friend!

Many of Tasha's beloved possessions are here in the museum, including her copies of most of the books she has written and illustrated.
Tasha's reflector oven, used to cook many meals on her hearth...
Here we pose with the utterly charming Amy Tudor~

Tasha's beloved tea things~
The baking things Tasha used to make her cookies and cakes

At noon, we went out to have a period picnic on the lawn of the house. A reporter for the Brattleboro Reformer came and took photos of us. We are to be featured in a gallery of photos in the newspaper there at the end of this week.

I had made yummy sandwiches---some were of honey ham with soft bleu cheese spread with chives from my garden, and a bit of mustard and mayonnaise. I also made cucumber sandwiches with the bleu cheese spread, all on wheat bread. We had some delicious strawberries with the blueberry stilton cheese, and my Pistachio-Mint Meringues for dessert. Amy loved the meringues!

We had a fantastic day together on our trip to Vermont. It was a beautiful ride, and lovely to meet Amy, and see the museum. We stopped at a couple antique shops on the way home.


The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

OH Mary and Adam, What a wonderful DAY!!
Gary and I did toy with the idea of coming out in a brief momentary whim! Hee
I just LOVE all the pictures you brought back with you to share ;-D
How pretty you look miss Mary, (and handsome Adam too)You guys just fit perfect there on the Musium lawn!!!
Oh how I enjoyed all the Tasha images, I would love to sit at the loom some day and weave a bit!
Blessings Love and Hugs, Linnie

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

oh dear I forgot to spell check!!!

My spelling is horrid!!! Oh chuckle chuckle..
oh please don't post my awful, chuckle chuckle, spelling.. tee hee

I shall email you soon, love linnie

heritagestitchery said...

Simply awe-struck...What a
privilege to enter the world
of beloved Tasha in the flesh~

An Historical Lady said...

Hi Mary,
We had such a lovely time!
Thanks for commenting~

An Historical Lady said...

Sorry Linnie!
I had already published your comment before seeing your PS! Don't worry---sometimes I type so fast I make some real doozies!
Thanks for your always lovely and kind comments,

Jorgelina said...

Wonderful Tasha Tudor Museum.
She was a woman of great creativity.

Natalie said...

Oh Mary, what a wonderful post! I am so sorry to have missed you that day! I would have loved to oohhh and ahhh over your finery, of course! I saw the photo in the local newspaper, as well. Thank you so much for visiting and supporting the Museum. I will be sharing your post on my blog, as I know our readers would love to see!

An Historical Lady said...

Hi Natalie,
Thank you so much! We have tried and tried to find the pictures of us on the Brattleboro Reformer site to no avail. Is there anyway you can email copies of them to me, or tell me exactly what issue they were in so we can call and buy the paper?
I sure would be grateful! You can email me directly at

We had such a great time seeing the wonderful museum, and meeting Amy, Pat, and others. We feel we have made some new friends.