January 20, 2012

An 18thc. fashion look-back at 2011~

A fond look back at some of our 18thc. adventures of the past year, these are a few photos of me in some of my various period fashions.
A NEW '18th century fashion photo shoot' is coming shortly!

Enjoy the musick while you view this little gallery~ 

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These wonderful, vintage 18thc. style shoes are for sale on the SUTLERY page of my website!

Absolutely everyone has always loved my cloak! I designed this all myself, and it was made for me. It is exquisitely warm, made of heavy wool with a black flannel lining. The gathered hood is so lovely, and it can be un-gathered and lay flat as a short cape.
(*note~One blog recently complained about this style of cloak and purveryors who sell them, saying they were not authentic to the 18thc. I think that in every century there were those who designed and made clothing that featured innovative or different characteristics reflecting their own personal styles. I LOVE this cloak and would never dream of changing it. The handful of petty, judgemental, snobby, and just nasty women in the reenacting hobby are dismissed by the great majority, thankfully. This is a subject for another post, and in fact 2 of my favorite bloggers, Ken and Sarah, have both written excellent posts on the subject~)  

I did my own hair myself for the ball. I am rather proud of my 18thc. 'do!


A gown with an en fourreau back...





Sigh...what a day this was! I am sitting by the sea in Marblehead  Massachusetts~


Marquise Josephine said...

Madame, every day is a wonderful time for you - like a lady're dead in the eighteenth century! Beautiful photos, nice to watch, thank you. I am on your blog, I write about the life of luxury ladies

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Ahh! Dearest Mary!!!
Very very LOVELY!! ;-)

I finally have a computer so I shall be visiting you OFTEN again!!

Come over and see our 12th night Ball :-D

Talk to you soon
Love Hugs and BLESSINGS!!

ctlogcabin said...

Dear Mary ~~
Each photo more Beautiful than the one before. Great Memories, Thanks as Always for sharing.
Blessing & Warm Hugs ~ Connie xox

Texas Mom said...

I really enjoy your pictures! Looking forward to what the new year brings! :)