February 23, 2012

Sally and the 'raspberry coat'~

Adam's c. 1740 style coat with a romantic story to tell~
Today I have a few tears in my eyes. These are not from sadness, but more the "awwwww...." kind of tears brought forth from the mists of a fond and poignant memory---The kind of memory you cherish every day of your life.
Before I can tell you the little story of Sally and the raspberry coat, you should read my post about Adam's and my courtship first, if you have not already---it's important to the tale...

Recently Adam put his old, c. 1740 style raspberry linen coat up on our website for sale. This was a coat from his early days in the reenacting hobby, long before he met me. It had seen many a good time at several year's worth of French and Indian War events at places like Ft. Ticonderoga, Ft. Frederick, and many more...These were days of camaraderie and hilarity with 'the guys'. I know that Adam treasures the memory of each and every one. The coat has seen it's share of mud, and black powder, and maybe a little spilled food around the campfire.

Enter Sally---a lovely woman. She is a fellow antique dealer and valued friend of mine. She purchased another old period style coat of Adam's several years ago as a bit of '18th century atmosphere' for her beautiful, antique-filled home. She has always loved it, and had mentioned to me that she would like another.
Adam had decided to sell the old raspberry coat since he is in need one for the 1760's period more. We put it up on the website for sale, and immediately emailed Sally photos of it, telling our sweet friend that she could have first 'dibs', if she wanted it. She did.

She promptly purchased the coat, and sent me this email this morning~

"You have made my heart sing!  I am so excited and honored to own my purchases from you and Adam. Thank him for allowing me first refusal!  I can see it hanging next to the stool.  Mary, from the bottom of my heart thank you both!  Check will be in the mail this evening.  Many blessings and a big hug to you!  Sally"

Now, here is the rest of the tale...and this is for Sally.

On a cold January morning well over 6 years ago now, Adam rang my doorbell. I did not know him well at all, as you will learn from reading my 'courtship' post.  I was gob-smacked to open the door and see this nice man I knew only briefly from his coming to my annual business Christmas Open House, standing before me with an armload of grocery store flowers--(the only place he could find some on a Sunday morning).
I could see he was trembling slightly. He spoke before I could utter a word, stammering a bit with nervousness;
He proffered the bouquet and said "I want to court you in 18thc. style, and I don't care how long it takes...will you?" 

He was dressed that morning in this raspberry coat with matching breeches and his best cravat, a black cocked hat set jauntily at an angle on his head. 
He looked positively dashing---better than any cover on one of those romance novels, to me. I will never as long as I live forget that day...or the raspberry coat with the best story to tell, ever. My husband is a gifted artist and former newspaper cartoonist, among other things.
Early in our marriage he drew a colored, caricature-style picture of himself dressed in this coat with flowers in his hand and hearts where his eyes are. He gave it to me one day. I taped it to the window of my van. It is still there. It is faded from years of sun, but still the most wonderful picture---the picture of how it all began...I won't take it down until the old van bites the dust.

So Sally, my friend, give this coat a warm and special place in your lovely home. I can't think of a nicer place for it to be. Look at it fondly through the years, and think of this story. Pass it on with the coat, if ever you part with it---I have the picture of that moment in time forever in my heart.

Oh, and as you all know now, I did say 'yes!'...
...and the rest, my friends, is indeed history~


An Historical Lady said...

Emailed to me~

"Dear Mare, I noticed there weren't any comments on the rasberry coat. As I finished reading your post yesterday, I envisioned all your many readers, including me, sitting with a tear in our eye, remembering some past treasure that we parted with, for practical reasons, of course, but at the same time parting with a little piece of our heart. Like you, I am glad the coat has a good home. I tend to be overly sentimental, and have to sometimes remind myself to let go, and treasure the memories above all, and look ahead to all the memories yet to be made. That coat was just the wrapping for the love you'll have forever, "as long as ye both shall live."
Love and prayers, Lois"

Thank you so much Lois. Sally loved this post and so did Adam---who did cry. If some out there can't appreciate it, well, poo on them~
Love and hugs,

An Historical Lady said...

Emailed to me from Sally~

"Hi Mary, Just have been on my first blog! I enjoyed this so much and thank you for letting me know the story behind the coat. How romantic!!!! I will now treasure it even more! The photos of your home before and after make it even more amazing. What a job you did on this early cape! I have enjoyed this so much! Thank you my friend and the check went out this afternoon! Blessings and a BIG THANK YOU!! Sally"

ctlogcabin said...

Dear Mary ~~
Love the Story and the Rasberry Coat !! Congratulations to Sally the new owner of such a fine garment.
Blessings & Hugs ~~ Connie xox