April 8, 2012

Happy Easter from Adam and Mary and the yorkie girls~

Easter in a small New England town~
We had a great day yesterday, starting it off with the Town Easter Egg Hunt in the morning. We brought our yorkies, Sasha and Deladis, in their front-packs, and dressed in spring green sweaters with daisies on them, and with daisy bows in their hair. We walked over to the school, hand in hand, dogs in pouches. They were a big hit with kids and parents alike.

The handknit sweaters, with bows, that our yorkie girls wore for Easter.
There were an astounding 4000 plastic eggs placed out in the school field around the corner on Main street. Each one had a little toy or novelty inside. 
Promptly at 9 AM, the director, with megaphone told the kids to get down on one knee and then shouted "GO!" The 4000 eggs were collected in under 5 minutes, and happy kids came back to the gym with bulging Easter baskets and bags, to see Mr. Easter Bunny who was raffling off giant Easter Baskets stuffed with toys, large chocolate bunnies, and other candy.
We had a really nice time, and then went home and changed back into 'grubbies'. The rest of our day was busy until dinner time; we built the concord grape arbor, and half of a new wattle fence around the grape arbor and strawberry patch! (Photos of that will be in an upcoming post).

We hope you enjoy our little Easter Gallery. Today we'll be finishing the wattle fence around the other garden, and working a bit on the stone wall out front, and topping it off with a really delicious homemade dinner tonight--- We'll start off with some of my 'Colonial Williamsburg-inspired' homemade pickled watermelon rind as an appetizer, then a fantastic lamb meatloaf,  shredded potato pancakes with sour cream and chives from our herb garden, roasted fresh asparagus with olive oil and lemon, and mini molten dark chocolate cakes with orange peel in them for dessert with fresh strawberries and whipped cream.