January 14, 2013

Weekend adventure at the Wayside Inn~

Today it is sunny and close to 60 degrees here in New Hampshire! A lot of our snow is melting, exposing the stone walls and patches of grass in our yard. Birds are singing, which is such a welcome sound, even if it all won't last. I went out to get the mail and just stood in full sun in the driveway, listening to the birds and feeling the warmth. A good day for a walk before the sun starts to fall and all too soon the chill returns. The most amazing thing is that it actually smells like spring. You can smell the earth, and it's so nice.
Another winter snow storm is predicted shortly, so this day is extra sweet.

I cut a little pork tenderloin into circular slices and have it marinating in 1T. of soy and 1T. of cornstarch. I am making a healthy and delicious pork and veggie stirfry with the best homemade sauce later and served on brown rice, but for dessert I have everything to make my famous 'S'mores Pie'~

We had a wonderful "ball adventure weekend". Of course the best is seeing old friends--- some we haven't seen since last year's event, and some of my 'blog buddies'.
We drove down to Sudbury listening to our period music cds in the car on the way, and checked into our lovely room when we arrived. It was lightly raining and most of their snow had melted.
We had a fantastic time at the ball. There was lots of dancing and then the cutting of the Twelfth Night cake and the crowning of the King and Queen of the ball---The King or Queen is chosen by who gets the bean in their piece of cake.
The commander of the Sudbury Minutemen came up to me and took my hand at one point and said "Again madam, I must compliment you on being the most lovely and elegant woman here". Those were his exact words, and it sure was a highlight of the evening for me!
We didn't spend the entire evening taking photos as we were having too much fun, but we think we have quite a nice gallery up on our site, and all to period musick.

There were over 100 people at the ball and you saw a variety of 18thc. clothing styles, including military unit uniforms.
There were many fine ladies in floral chintz as well as silk, jewels, and feathers. A number of men also had on fancy silk suits. Everyone looked just grand, and it was fun to see outfits, hair do's, and wigs of all kinds.
Before the cake cutting there was the traditional ceremony to raise the British flag over the Inn door. A member of our own unit, Anita, dressed in lovely blue silk, cut the Twelfth Night Cake with the Sudbury commander's sword as everyone crowded around taking photos. One young man got the bean in his cake, so as King of the ball 2013, he then chose his Queen.
We all then marched up the center aisle of the ballroom in a long line with our escorts to bow and curtsy to the royal couple as musicians played 'God Save the King'.
There were sparkling bowls of rum shrub and of fruit punch, and large silver trays of sandwiches of different varieties. The musicians were wonderful and there was a lot of period dancing all evening, called by Mr. George Fogg.

When we got back to our room and went to hang up our ball clothes in a garment bag, Adam stopped dead in his tracks, looked at me with a really stunned and alarmed look on his face and yelled "OH NO I forgot the clothes' bag!" My coat, sweater, scarf, and Adam's coat and some slacks for the next day had been in a garment bag by the door to be loaded into the car. At home, he had put the suitcases and some other things in the car and then got sidetracked as I was getting ready, completely forgetting about the garment bag.
I now had no clothes for going to breakfast the next day except for the boots and leggings in my little suitcase. We both had no warm jackets at all, and Adam's pants had been in the missing bag as well.
I would not be able to dazzle my hubby with my "black swan look" for the first time---at least not on this trip.
We were both a bit upset for awhile and then just decided to eat the yummy chocolate dipped strawberries I had made. We were hungry by now, and they were amazing and just what we needed. We snuggled on the big 4-poster bed and ate the berries and talked until about 1 AM, re-living the ball.

The next morning we had to improvise so that we could go eat the breakfast included with our room reservations package.
Luckily instead of pajamas, Adam had packed himself black fleece sweat pants and a thin cotton turtleneck to lounge around the room in and sleep in. He also had the wool sweater  he had planned to wear on Saturday---They had been in the suitcase.
The next morning he had to wear the sweats and turtleneck to the restaurant and home, with no coat.
He gave me his heavy cabled turtleneck sweater, which was all we had for me to wear with my leggings and boots. I had no coat either.
The really awful part was that his sweater was of some wool that was the itchiest stuff I have ever felt in my life! He had brought the turtleneck to wear under it, but he had that on.

So instead of feeling pretty in my left-behind grey sweater, pink wool coat, and sparkly 'Swan' scarf, I was just the sparrow in his oversize boxy sweater.
This sweater was truly awful---Like a hair shirt! Obviously made of the scratchiest wool known to man, and fit to wear only OVER something else. Alas, I had nothing! I tried to hold the big bulky turtleneck away from my skin at every opportunity, but the thing itched like crazy all over. By the time we got home my skin was raw, and I couldn't wait to run in the door and throw it off.
Maybe it'll be pretty funny sometime, but well, not just yet---Here we were so anally packing every little thing we thought we'd need for our rare weekend away, only to forget our clothes!

Our breakfast was fantastic---We could order any entree on the Inn's menu, and we both had the Maine Lobster and Cheddar Cheese Omelet and FRESH SQUEEZED orange juice.
The omelets were amazing---The best we ever had. There was lots of lobster in them, and it was tender and practically melted in your mouth. It came with home fries with onion and tomato in them, whole grain toast and jam, and some fresh fruit on the plate.
We said good bye to some of our friends who were also having their breakfasts, and then headed for home.
We wanted to get into a warm car since we had no coats, and we were looking forward to picking up our little dogs from the pet sitter.
Comedy of errors not withstanding, we had a wonderful time.

Thank you to Alena at 'I'm Living History' blog for nominating me for the 'Versatile Blogger' Award!
I am very flattered and delighted~
Thank you also to Caroline of 'Dressed in Time' blog for nominating me for the 'One Lovely Blog Award'!
I appreciate it so much ladies. I'll post soon with all the details, and my "seven things" and nominees.

The new 'COLONIAL TWELFTH NIGHT BALL PHOTO GALLERY'  is up on our website~It will only be up a short time.
I hope you enjoy attending the ball with us~


  1. The work that must go into those costumes is amazing. Look like it was a fun time.
    In your room you showed a drawer with letters as well as some stuffed into crevices in the ceiling, are those left behind by guests as a sort of historical marker like "I was here"?

  2. Hi Miss Fifi,
    All our 18thc. clothing does feature a tremendous amount of work, and are made by people specializing in this period attire. I wish I could sew to that degree!
    That room at the Wayside Inn is the famous 'haunted room', and is the one where everyone has left notes or letters for many years!
    That is not our room, but the room our lucky friends Diane and her daughter Erin stayed in on Friday night. They took us up to show us.
    We had another room. The few rooms in the actual 1704 inn are booked for this event and sold out a YEAR in advance!
    Next year, Diane and Erin will again have the famous "Room number 10".
    While there, we were able to make our reservation for next January inn,and we already have one of the ancient rooms near them reserved that has a canopy bed in it!

  3. My wife & I have had a chance to rent both the ancient rooms in the front of the inn several times. We have been there both in June and February - and I think we like the winter best. Go visit the icehouse when you are next there

  4. Hi Mary...I really enjoyed your pictures of the 12th Night Ball...looks like you and Adam had a splendid time. I would love to stay in one of those old rooms at the inn! Although not funny at the time, I'm sure the two of you are chuckling over your clothing dilemma already...you'll always look back on it and laugh. That's great that you have your room booked for next year...so glad that the two of you were able to take a much needed break from the day to day....always enjoy your blog....cheers...Ellen

  5. Your clothing problem certainly is amusing after the fact, but I can absolutely understand how frustrating it must have been at the time! Sounds like a good story for the year though. You certainly won't forget it!


  6. Your clothing problem certainly is amusing after the fact, but I can absolutely understand how frustrating it must have been at the time! Sounds like a good story for the year though. You certainly won't forget it!


  7. You have been given the One Lovely Blog award for your beautiful blog and photos! Thanks for sharing the loveliness :)

    Sorry it's taken me a couple days to let you know! Cheers!


  8. Hi Dennis,
    Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment---It is very appreciated! We are already looking forward to our stay and the ball at the inn next year!
    Is the ice house were the mill wheel is? We took some photos of us there in 18thc. dress once when we were at the Colonial ball in April.
    If not, where is it?
    Hope you keep visiting and commenting!

  9. Hi Ellen,
    Thanks so much for commenting! Oh my, we were quite upset when we realized my clothes were left behind! I confess to a few tears, and Adam felt awful, poor guy.
    You know how it is when you plan something in your mind, and you can see yourself dressed in a certain outfit?
    I have not worn the 'black swan' bargains and gorgeous second hand wool coat I found last year yet as it was late in the season and we had no where to go. A couple days before the ball I had the pink coat cleaned and walked to the cleaners to pick it up the day before we left. I was so excited to wear my 'million-dollar-look-for-pennies' outfit!
    We hope to have a new job or something else to celebrate soon that I can wear it for.

  10. Hi Quinn,
    Many thanks for commenting. I do so love to hear from everyone!
    See my comment above. Oh yes, I was so disappointed and upset when we got back to the room and found the clothes had been left behind.
    I am still not belly laughing about it, but we did have a fantastic time anyway!

  11. Dear Caroline,
    That is so nice of you! I appreciate your visits and comments too.
    I will check out what I have to do soon and post.

  12. Mary,
    The icehouse is behind the Inn, next to the duck/frog pond. Henry Ford (in the 1920s) expected the Inn to cut its own ice to use in the summer - back before "modern" machines made it un-needed. BTW, we have had a great time hunting letters in the room, but when we were last there we found the Inn staff had removed many of them. There is also a "hidden" stash of liquid spirits in one of the two rooms ;-) I dare not reveal more than that

  13. ...I'm hoping that the celebration is right around the corner for you Mary!...Ellen

  14. Your photos are absolutely beautiful and it looked like you had a grand time at the ball. But my favorite part was your story about your clothes....you may not find humor in it yet but it sure made me smile....:)