January 7, 2014

"Adam's tea party"

 My Lavender Cookies with Rosewater Icing---An old fashioned teatime sweet~(I have given this recipe in a past post on this blog).
When Adam first started at his new job, a few of the ladies in his department saw photos of us at tea in our 18thc. duds on the walls of his cubicle. This started a discussion about the British, tea, the royals, reenacting and Downton Abbey, among other 'period' shows. It turned out that a handful of these ladies were positively addicted to royal-watching, and tea parties, and all things Brit.
One mentioned that rosewater seemed to be an ingredient much used in tea treats of the past, and how no one cooked like that now.  Adam chimed in with "Oh, yes, my wife does! You should taste her Lavender Cookies with Rosewater Icing, that she makes for our 18thc. English tea picnics!" He then volunteered me to make some, which he offered to bring into work, saying they could all have some with tea one day on their breaks. One thing lead to another and soon someone else suggested a short, "Downton Abbey Tea Party" during lunch one day after the holidays.
That day was yesterday. The handful of ladies and Adam decided to wear something just a little reminiscent or worthy of an old-time Tea, and each would bring something---little sandwiches or a plate of treats. On Sunday, Adam and I had fun making a batch of the lavender cookies and frosting them with my rosewater icing. I put them on a pewter platter with a few dried flowers as decoration on the side. Yesterday morning Adam put on his older, 3 button tweed jacket and wore a tie and a pocket handkerchief.  (This jacket looked most like a tweed Scottish or English one.)
For half an hour yesterday, this small group had a ball brightening a cold winter day at their own 'Times past Tea'. A piece of fabric from the company's collection served as a tablecloth on a conference table. Someone brought a teapot, someone else fancy cups and saucers. There were several kinds of tea sandwiches. Adam said my old fashioned cookies were the hit of the party---Even the maintenance man happened by, and Adam offered him one. He loved them so much, he took a few, and asked for a few to take home to his wife. Adam said it was funny to then see this guy hinting for the recipe!
People from other departments were evidently peeking into the room, eyeing the goings on and food enviously.
Here are a few photos Adam took so I could share a bit of the party~
Adam wore his old tweed jacket for the group's impromptu "Downton Abbey" tea party at work
A lovely time was had by all---at a conference table they decorated.


MissFifi said...

Perhaps you have found your niche Mary, creating pastries for tea parties that delight the senses! You should make and sell them. I would buy some. Seriously, those cookies look delicious and gorgeous and I love the bread you made as well. It is nice to be able to "do" authentic in a time when everything is so technical and throw away.

Miriam said...

I really love the pic of the platter, especially the sun/shadow contrast. Beautiful! (plus, it makes you drool...)

Time Traveling in Costume said...

I've made lavender scones for my tea parties but your cookies w/ the rosewater icing look delicious. And I too have rosewater in my spice cabinet.
Some of those Brit series look so wonderful. I wish more of them were available here in the US other than the few that make it to PBS. Even our BBCAmerica channel doesn't show much anymore.
Looking foward to seeing your lovely outfit on 12th Night.

SilkDamask said...

It is always a breath of fresh air to visit your site! Lovely!

Anne Fenimore said...

I've been reading your blog for quite some time, and may I just say that your perseverance and constant positive attitude have made me look for happy things in my life, and just to enjoy every single day that passes. Thank you so much for the lovely content you always create for this blog, and I sincerely hope that you never get a single hateful comment again. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life with your loving readers.

An Historical Lady said...

Ladies, thank you each and every one! YOU are the ones I write this blog for and it's your kindness and support that keeps me going sometimes! I can't tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to comment, and all of your kind words and encouragement.
Hugs to all,

Hana K said...

It seems to make it not too difficult, let me try at home after work.Thanks a lot for the recipe